Origink Studio

"Feel free to walk-in or make an appointment in advance"

Origink Tattoo Studio in Banos Ecuador is a space that mixes a tattoo studio and fine art gallery. Inspired by the light and openness of our space and terrace, our artist explores the essence of line, color, and composition.


Come in go visit our beautiful space and discuss your ideas. At this stage we listen to your ideas, discuss options and educate you on the tattoo process. We also put you in touch with the best artist that specialises in the style of tattoo you are after.


After the initial consultation we encourage you to have a good think about what has been discussed.

We recommend you take as much time to think about the ideas discussed with your artist and once you are ready, contact us again to book in or discuss your tattoo further.


At this stage we begin designing roughs and line work drawings for your tattoo. Once we get enough ideas and roughs together your artist will be in touch with you and discuss ideas,sizing and palates etc.

Once you have agreed on a design we begin preparing final drawings.


Time to get tattooed. All you have to do is come in on time, sit down and be prepared for an awesome, fun experience. your artist will communicate with you through the entire experience.

Once complete you will end up with a unique piece of art on your body, whilst having an amazing time at our studio.